Information for exhibitors

Here you find important and useful information for your personal preparations for 3D Printing Asia. In case of further questions we and our service partners will be pleased to help you.

Booth application & rates

Package Rates
Standard package RMB 1,390 /  sqm (min 9 sqm)
Raw space package RMB 1,300 / sqm (min 18 sqm)

Technical guidelines at the fair

What did exhibitor say

We’ve meet Gree here before, so we know the big buyers attend this fair. We know buyers such as this are looking to buy domestic printers, so we’re confident they’ll use our products too. This is an important fair in China, the application of 3D printing is so wide nowadays, and this fair attracts a similarly wide range of buyers. Day one of the fair we had a good amount of buyers visit our booth.


Asiamold is one of the most influential fairs in the industry, gathering notable overseas brands. The fair is well-organised with good supporting services to exhibitors. We have got more than 100 contacts who engage in the intelligent manufacturing and automotive component sectors etc on the first day morning


Asiamold has a close connection with Formnext. A lot of people in the industry talk about this fair, It’s clearly a very important fair for the South China market. Our core products are 3D printers, and we’ve introduced a new product for industrial use here. I feel there’s been a lot of interest from Chinese buyers for this product. There’s a huge manufacturing base in South China, so we’ve met a lot of buyers from the toy and electronics industries in particular."

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