Print your infinity.

Additive manufacturing technology has been the focus of manufacturing industry since the beginning of this century and has been developing rapidly for many years. The domestic additive manufacturing industry has been on the rise in recent years, and will exceed 32.16 billion by 2022, and is expected to exceed 50 billion by 2024.

As an influential professional business platform for 3D Printing industry in South China, 3D Printing Asia gathers well-known domestic and foreign brands and is committed to presenting new products and technologies for additive manufacturing across the entire industry chain, including rapid prototyping, CAD/CAM software development, 3D laser engraving, industrial and desktop 3D printers and related accessories. It is an important platform to display cutting-edge technologies and grasp business opportunities in China's 3D printing market.


The 3D Printing Asia Zone is once again one of the key components to the 2022 show’s success. Featuring a number of renowned 3D manufacturing companies in the industry, the zone helps leading manufacturing professionals with their sourcing needs, and to showcase the latest innovations and solutions of various 3D printing technologies. Some of the well-known brands include Rayshape, Raise 3D, Guangdong Additive & Subtractive Manufacturing Technology, SuZhou Solo Additive etc.

In the coming year, the 3D Printing Asia Zone will remain a key highlight of Asiamold and continue to lead the manufacturing industry by gathering international 3D printing companies, and demonstrating the technological breakthroughs and future trends in 3D printing, rapid prototyping, CAD/CAM software development, reverse engineering and more.

Exhibitors' comments

I think the market positioning of Asiamold is very good and practical as you can see the merger between 3D printing and traditional craftsmanship here. The fair brings the plastic moulding and 3D printing industry together, which provides a window for us to enter the industry. The show is extremely vital to the South China Region as moulding is always the crux of advanced manufacturing.


Asiamold has a close connection with Formnext and we are frequently there, so it makes sense for us to exhibit here too to capture the Chinese market. A lot of people in the industry talk about this fair, It’s clearly a very important fair for the South China market. Overall we’re positive about our participation as we made quite a few contacts already just on day one. Based on the feedback from the first day we’re happy, and we’ll have a good contact list to follow up with by the end of the fair.

Raise 3D

We’ve meet Gree here before, so we know the big buyers attend this fair. We know buyers such as this are looking to buy domestic printers, so we’re confident they’ll use our products too. This is an important fair in China, the application of 3D printing is so wide nowadays, and this fair attracts a similarly wide range of buyers. Day one of the fair we had a good amount of buyers visit our booth.


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